Reader’s Opinion: A paper tiger?

POSTED: 10/30/12 12:08 PM

Dear Editor,

When I read that the Ombudsman is hosting another information session and explains its role as “The Public Defender” I can’t help but seriously question this statement. Although it is theoretically correct, it doesn’t mesh with the poor track record to date shown by this entity when it comes to investigating proper procedure by Government.

Case in point: it is no public secret that proper procedure was not followed when it comes to the authorization of the drag strip and cricket stadium projects. The prime minister herself and the minister in charge of Vromi have both publicly declared that they have no knowledge who authorized the trucking of the sand to the designated locations. So if the PM and the responsible minister claim not to know this vital information, does this not immediately spur the Ombudsman, as “The Public Defender”, to action and start an investigation into this matter on behalf of the public it righteously claims to defend?

After two years of being established it is about time that the Ombudsman office starts showing measurable results in terms of investigations and follow up to reported complaints. It’s nice to carry the Ombudsman title and chit-chat about your role as a public defender in theory, but a complete other when it comes to showing results to the tax payers that ultimately fund this operation.

So to the Ombudsman I say: show me you are not just a paper tiger and I will stand humbly corrected.

Thank you.

Peter James

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