Reader’s Opinion: A name for the Simpson Bay causeway

POSTED: 12/27/13 3:30 PM

It is with much interest that I read the suggestion of Mr . Todd Peterson for a name for the causeway  in the Daily Herald  of Monday December 23.  Now that the bridge is open, kudos to all involved in the process, the big question is: what name will this beautiful structure have?

While I applaud the proposal made by Mr. Peterson. I would like to take his initiative a step further and suggest to the relevant authorities and the media of St. Maarten to involve the public at large to come forward with more suggestions for a name for the new bridge.  I’m of the opinion that such an important  structure should have a significant and meaningful name.  A name of a role model, a person that stood out and made a difference in his / her time and whose name will survive time.  A unifier who has demonstrated integrity, leadership, and perseverance and made a difference for the islanders or humanity on the whole.  I’m pretty sure that we will be surprised by the amount of suggestions that will be put forward, from which a choice can be made. And what is against letting the public vote on the best proposals brought forward.  In a similar fashion as we annually select the best restaurant, hotel, etc, etc, of the year. Wouldn’t this be a perfect show of involvement of the citizens and of democracy?  So, let’s get the public involved, for the bridge belongs to all of us.

Henri Brookson.

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