Reader’s Opinion: A flood of criminal immigrants

POSTED: 09/28/12 12:33 PM

I will start by admitting, that crimes occur everywhere, in every country, by all nations and will always occur one way or the other. Also, that the perpetrators of crime, can be of every possible gender and from every social stratification. Therefore, even among our own native St. Martin people, there are criminals and in the days before the island was ‘discovered’ by tourism, there was crime – albeit very minimal. In other words, our own native St. Martin People have involvement in crimes and we must deal with them accordingly.

However, the number- and the brutality of crimes now paralyzing this island, represents a phenomenon completely alien to us, native St. Martin People and to our culture. In addition, this trend is very damaging to our psyche, our pride, dignity, sense of justice and our economy.

Subsequently, the time has come, that we stand up in defense of our native St. Martin People, our traditional culture and values and not let all kinds of un-invited forms of ‘low-lives’ transform our island in some crime-infested slum.

In other words, we can no longer allow for others, entering our community to create a new questionable ‘brand-name’ for our island – that is un-acceptable.

For the record, it was because of the kindness, the hospitality, the respect towards visitors, that our island back in the fifties, got the name of the Friendly Island.

Let it be clear, that it was not because of illegal immigrants, nor because of crime, violence etc. that we got that name and that consequently millions of visitors, repeatedly visited our island and fell in love with its native people and its beauty. It was because of us, real, native St. Maarteners who were then by far the majority on the island.

Fast forward many years now.

We have an island, ‘infested’ with illegal immigrants, many with criminal backgrounds, deported from the US and from elsewhere. Many are diabolic psychopaths, lacking the minimal level of conscience and morals, whose very presence and activities have intimidated, dominated and clouded the real St. Maarteners from being recognized by our visitors.

Consequently, and understandably so, many of our high valued visitors have become so confused, so terrified and traumatized by the rising crimes, that many are now giving up on the once Friendly island. And, while words cannot begin to express our disgust, shock and anger at the recent gruesome, double murder on the American couple, more future crimes of this magnitude cannot be ruled out.

For one simple reason.

Unless our authorities in government on both sides of the island, have the courage to start ridding, once and for ever, our island of all unwanted criminal elements and illegal immigrants, it will remain impossible to get a clear picture of who is who and of what is going on here on the island.

After all, the more illegal immigrants, the more difficult it becomes for us to rebuild our traditional form of social control and cohesion.

This lack of social control creates a community of see and don’t see and of minding my own business, which is a perfect breeding ground for criminals to operate and continue attacking those, on whose economy, we strongly depend – our valued tourists and other visitors.

In ending, on behalf of the native, indigenous St. Martin People, who are very shocked at this heinous crime, I recommend you to stress to our government, that unless the island is thoroughly cleaned up, it will not be responsible to keep sending your people into this war-zone.

Our sincerest sympathy goes out to the family of Mr. and Mrs. King – may their souls rest in peace.

Drs. Leopold James.

President of the St. Martin Grassroots People Movement.

(James addressed this letter to the FBI – ed.).


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