Reader’s Opinion: A day of dying culture

POSTED: 01/31/13 11:46 AM

Today, the bulldozers took their toll on this island’s heritage, after a valiant warning from a proud St. Martiner, I went to check the Cupecoy Bay archaeological site today. The Cupecoy Bay site was the only surviving prehistoric village site on the Dutch-side, it was resident by Amerindian peoples from about 300-1000 A.D., it was the largest chapter in our history of St. Maarten dedicated to the earliest inhabitants, the true indigenous peoples.

And now it is gone, site destroyed…the dying embers of the Amerindian presence on this rock in the Caribbean Sea. Archaeology was the last means for us understand them, oral histories were long gone, so archaeology is how we find their history, our history, as one people of this island. When will we learn that without heritage, the heritage of all ethnic contributions to St. Maarten…we will become a hollow shell.

Dr. Jay B. Haviser

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