Reader’s Letter: Work emails are not private

POSTED: 05/17/11 12:13 PM

Contrary to what some may believe, work emails are not private.
As long as an employee is using the company’s email system to send and receive emails, the employer has full and legal access to these emails.
Therefore, employees should not use the company’s server to send and receive private emails and the employees should certainly not think that their employer has no legal right to access and read their emails.

As a matter of fact, employers not only have a legal right to access the emails of their employees, but did you know that most modern copying machines are equipped with hard drives that store every single document that has been copied, printed or scanned via that machine? These hard drives can be accessed and the stored documents printed or copied.
Of course, if employees used their employer’s copy machine to copy their own personal documents, they cannot claim any rights to privacy if the hard drive is accessed for copies of these documents.

Employees that receive mobile phones or company cars that are equipped with GPS tracking systems from their employers also have no legal recourse to protect the privacy of their whereabouts as long as they are using the company’s mobile phone or company car. The employer can track their movements via the cell phone or vehicle.

I will leave it up to you to do the necessary research to confirm and publish about all what I wrote above.
But I am certain that individuals who were happy to receive a free cell phone or company car to drive will be thinking twice about the downside of these Trojan horses once you publish this information. I am equally certain that employees will also think twice about copying sensitive personal documents on their boss’ copying machine.

Best regards and keep up the good work.

George MacGee

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