Reader’s Letter: Why now with all this negative information?

POSTED: 06/22/11 11:58 AM

Dear Editor,

As a woman, I’ve got a curious mind which keeps on making me read, filter and think about a lot of subjects. For the sake of air cleansing I’m sincerely curious to learn about the reasons that either the Board or Shareholder Representative or Deputy Prime Minister  have found it necessary – at this particular point in time – to go to the media with certain information on the report entitled “Financial Performance GEBE which was compiled in March 2011. The heading of the article in question reads: “GEBE report: Management overcharging its consumers”.

My present concern goes mostly for the fact that the electricity tariffs were regulated by island ordinance – and now by national ordinance – and is reinforced by the total lack of respect for management shown by the present board. That particular article is meant to criticize or attack with malicious intent. The report written by the Supervisory Board concludes that consumers are being overcharged to compensate for very poor management. The opponent attributes authority to someone who doesn’t have it.

Disinformation purposefully given out to deceive is an ancient weapon of strategic warfare. A steady stream of disinformation is designed to deceive and put focus on weakness.

As a consumer and GEBE customer I would like to have the following questions answered in a straightforward manner:

Is it Management or Government who decides on the tariff structure?

In business a loss is a loss. Why is it when GEBE makes a profit that this is also considered a loss and that according to the Supervisory Board this situation should not continue? What should not continue? The profit?

Why are the water leaks/losses blamed on the present managing director instead of on the shortcoming of his predecessor who made a poor choice when the decision was made to purchase an inferior quality of pipe for the water lines?

Is it fair to blame power outages on the present Managing Director? Did our community never experience power outages or engine failure before the present management took over the reins?

Did the past management not have any inefficiencies, water losses or power outages?

Why weren’t the strict controls that are referred to in the report not put in place by the previous management? Does this mean that GEBE never had controls in place?

Did the transfer of duties from the previous Managing Director take place the way it should have?

Why does the report not mention anything positive that the present Managing Director has accomplished? For example: 2 new engines; radiator cooling of engines during hurricanes; e-billing; an internet site where you can get information, and of course the latest SMS project whereby you receive info on power outages. I am sure there must be much, much more that I personally am not aware of!

Why is there a bombardment with negative publicity just before a decision is to be made regarding the renewal of the Managing Director’s contract?

Which entity is feeding incomplete info to the media and for which purpose?

Why is nobody making a big fuss in the media about the high fuel prices at the gas stations? Why is nobody making a big fuss about the high prices in the supermarkets?

Why are none of the other boards of other government owned companies airing their laundry in the media? Or are these “perfect” companies with “perfect boards”?

What was the real reason for placing the ex-managing director of GEBE as chairman on the Supervisory Board of Director of GEBE? To benefit the company or help to get rid of Mr. Brooks?

Perhaps the Supervisory Board, the Shareholder Representative or Deputy Prime Minister might have the answer to these questions. Inquiring minds NEED to know. Knowing the truth is key to victory!

A curious woman & GEBE customer

Theresa M. Illidge


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