Reader’s Letter: Who are you to judge John Krolis?

POSTED: 07/28/11 12:35 PM

Dear Editor,

John Krolis made an exceptional contribution. Earlier this week my good friend and comrade, John R. Krolis was laid to rest, humbly and quietly as he lived his years on this earth. After that I was forced to listen to all kinds of comments. These are mine.

John R. Krolis was my friend for more than 25 years. We knew each other well as we fought many battles together. Krolis, as most people knew him, was a teacher, an accountant, an agriculturist and a well known translator. He spoke many languages and was a man of many talents.  In addition to the above he was a brave and loyal friend.

He was not a materialist, never showed signs of envy, jealousy and greed. These are exceptional qualities for a man that lived in the “St. Maarten” of today.

I remembered when we formed “WE FO’ WE”, Leopold James, Julian Roach (deceased), John Krolis and myself. It was always a pleasure for Krolis to do “the investigation” on who ever or what ever. When the “WE FO’ WE” joined Frank Vioty and Guillaume Arnell and some other brothers from the French side to stop Mr. Alain Chritian (former CEO at Port De Plaissance) from moving the frontier monument it was comrade Krolis that was there fearlessly during the organization and execution of that demonstration. That frontier monument is still standing there today.

When the demonstration was being organized against the airport-Italian export loan project, it was comrade Krolis who did the investigation on the then Lt. Governor, in order for the “WE FO’ WE” to file the criminal complaint against the Lt. Governor. As a result the Lt. Governor had to go to court, and spent time in prison. In my opinion this was Krolis’ finest work and finest hour. Not a moment did he show a sign of fear or weakness. In that demonstration together with the Heavy Equipment Operators, Melvin Woodley, John Richardson, and the St. Maarten people we had shut down the island for three days.

Comrade Leopold James, Julian Roach and John Krolis and yours truly and many others, stood our ground against the powers that be with all the possible consequences. We can say what we want today, and we can judge Krolis, but with his small frame he had more “guts” than many a men I hear pounding their chest today. We have a lot of paper giants, and bedroom bullies, who talk a good talk and that all it is talk.

In closing, I would like our parliamentarians and ministers to reconsider many men and women, like Krolis, young and old, that are being sidelined, avoided, bypassed, just because they stand for what they believe in and don’t sing the popular song. All of these people have a contribution to make to this island of ours. Some people judge and play God, and decide who will get and who won’t. Who will eat and who won’t, while St. Maarten suffers, especially the youth. Open the doors for them and stop recycling the same old tired people from here and abroad while our own have to stand by and suffer until death do us part.

Many good men and women passed and we should have utilized them some more while they were here. People like Mervin Scott, Edgar Lynch, Boromeo Hodge and others.

Legislators, look around there are many people young and old, retired and not retired that can function as advisors, consultants, clerks etc in the benefit of St. Maarten, while they teach the youth how to take over. Just give them a chance before it’s too late.

John R Krolis, you did your part. God bless you and until we meet again.


Comrade Julian H. Rollocks

On behalf of “WE FO WE”

Lycee des Grand E’studes por les eleves excepcionelle.


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