Reader’s Letter: Where is the spirit of St. Maarten?

POSTED: 01/26/12 11:43 AM

Dear Editor,

I have discovered why the spirit of St. Maarten is hard to flourish. We, the native people of St. Maarten heritage, are waiting for some supernatural act that will not happen. We are scared to fight for our rights. We are scared to stand up for country.
I, and the other children in my time, was never taught to love country. Curacao and Aruba people had already discovered the importance of country and to promote national pride. All we were taught by our government was to be loyal to a political party and the foolish indoctrinating that Claude Wathey is the man that built St. Maarten.

Our ancestors were very loving, respectful and nice people, but they were naïve. Naïve is a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment and when people are simple, they are easily misled. That is exactly what happened to our ancestors. They were simple and were taken advantage of by people who had a little more knowledge and used that to abuse and mislead them. Current day St. Maarten is the repercussion of what took place then.
Now I understand why some people think me, the patriot, the St. Maarten Nation Building Foundation (SNBF) and Leopold James are radicals. The government, including all parties, taught or believe no native St. Maarten person can ever stand up to defend their self and, of course, not country. We were trained to be passives. That is why for some self interested people and politicians we are not a threat.

The people of St. Maarten was never taught love of country and nationalistic pride, because the political landscape back then was more important than love for country St. Maarten. Loyalty to a political party was and still is more important than love of country in St. Maarten. That’s why so many people including people who were born here, people who are naturalized and natives still love political parties more than they love their country.
The people in St. Maarten are unpatriotic. Unpatriotic is showing lack of love for your country and the will or courage to put country above self. I taught it was about and being out number by foreigners, but I have now discovered that the native St. Maarten people were never taught to love self, much less country, and that is why we are in this mess today. When I look back now the native St. Maarten people had a lack of self esteem or self value compared to the people of Aruba and Curacao.

It is the same on the French side. Compare the people there with the people of Guadeloupe and Martinique. That is why up to present we only complain, but remain afraid to take part in taking back our country. If we were taught self esteem our political leaders would not be able to deceive us.
I have discovered a pattern in my native St. Maarten people. We always talk to say and show what we know, but to take part or do they always excuse themselves. That is because deep in our sub-conscience we believe we must never confront government when they are doing wrong. That was also taught in the past. That comes from lack of self esteem and love of country. So the spirit of St. Maarten is hard to feel and to flourish. I have come to the conclusion that we (the patriot Miguel Arrindell, Leopold James and SNBF) have to teach the native of people of St. Maarten self esteem.
Some people might say I have self esteem, but the fact is the none action of letting ourselves be on the verge of extinction and not doing anything proves we need self esteem and love of country. If we had self esteem the spirit of St. Maarten would be flourishing and there would be no need for the patriot, Leopold James and the SNBF.
The time is now. Look into your heart and admit the facts to yourself. One can only change when he or she admits they have a problem. I pray and trust that you start to love yourself and your fellow native St. Maarten people and cultural heritage. The time to fight for your rights is now. Again I ask where is the spirit of St. Maarten?
God bless all native people of St. Maarten Heritage and all other people in St. Maarten.

Miguel Arrindell
The Patriot

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