Reader’s Letter: What real education is

POSTED: 07/18/11 11:48 AM

Dear Editor,

Normally everywhere we get only job oriented education. But is that really education? Can it teach a man to become self confident, brave, self motivated? If not then should we call it education? But if school education is the key to success, why is it that many educated people are unsuccessful in life? Why are many professionals struggling financially, physically and emotionally?

On the other hand, why is it that the world’s richest is dominated by people who didn’t even finish school education? They are called drop outs and undergraduates. People like Bill Gates (founder/CEO of Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Founder/CEO of Face book) and Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple/CEO).  The richest man in the Philippines is a business tycoon who owns a big retail store and malls in Asia. His name is Henry Sy and he owns SM Malls. Mr. Sy is not a graduate scholar. Having a number of high credentials from school education doesn’t guarantee success; it only gives you a good start or an edge in this competitive world. It’s real education that will get you closer to success.

There are two types of education: professional and personal.

Professional education (or School Education) is gained through study of technical terms in school or at work. This type of education moulds the professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, inventors, teacher, etc. However, unlike what most people believe in, attaining professional or school education is not enough to reach success. You must also strive to grow your personal self, which leads us to the next type of education.

Personal education (or Self-Education) happens when you are able to reach a high level of emotional and mental maturity that composes the right character and attitude towards life. Personal education can be attained through learning personal development which teaches individuals and creates wisdoms and life lessons useful in daily interactions. When you attain personal education, you have an independent mind to make the right choices, you have emotional maturity that protects in times of difficulty, you can communicate and relate well to people, you are able to find your passion and purpose, and also, it helps you develop appreciation and anticipation over people and life.

Importance of Real Education

I’ve discovered the secret to success and happiness in life lies in our ability to attain real education. Life is not perfect, it’s not even fair, so don’t expect it to be perfect or fair. Do not fall to the same trap that most smart yet unsuccessful people fall into. Take charge of your life. Oftentimes, you have the control over it.

One of the important ingredients in living the good life is real education. Because when you achieve both professional and personal growth, you become unbeatable. You have the professional and technical skills needed in your endeavor, plus, you’ve developed high level of maturity and right attitudes in your daily actions.

Real education is people who do not care if they are liked. They take a stand based on what they know is the right thing to do. Real education builds better character. These people take on challenges most educated people won’t do and they are risk takers. Real education does not follow a system just to be a part of. Real education always tries to make the system better and have the courage to do the unpopular things once it is for a just and right cause.

St. Maarten has a lot of professionals that do not have real education. They have degrees but they cannot lead or change. They are train to follow. That is why in general people are scared to take on our political establishment; they are train to follow and they become limited in their endeavors to change things for the better.

So, people, as the patriot Miguel Arrindell will always be difficult to understand. A person of my character believes in challenging the system that is not fair to people and make it better. (Native people of St. Maarten must be recognized in the constitution.) What makes people hate and fear us is our ability not to give up and break down and to be intimidated. We are exactly the kind of people the slave masters and their yes men do not like. We are a few of a kind. We are emancipated and liberated. We are men of character that makes positive changes in this world.

Men I admire and that are my role model are our savior Jesus Christ, King David, Moses, John the Baptist and recently Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King. These are men that are real to the deal and failure is never an option. These were men of real education.

Yours truly,

Miguel Arrindell

The Patriot


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