Reader’s Letter: Unfair and vindictive practices by Telem

POSTED: 02/8/13 1:05 PM

As a cooperative member here in St. Maarten I must express my total dissatisfaction with the lousy service given by Telem, our local communication carrier.

By not meeting the deadline of payment due by last Tuesday our services with our land base line was interrupted.

Fair enough, but after having made the payment by 10.15 a.m. that same morning one will expect that services will be restored as they say by the end of the day or the next morning, depending on the time of the payment. We are victimized even though complying with the following;

One, we have paid by 10.15 a.m. that same day after being disconnected. Secondly, we are subjected to a penalty of 25 guilders as a reconnection fee and thirdly we have to wait all day and possibly all night until next morning for reconnection.

All of this has to endure for being negligent in one way or the other.

Still as a business we have not been reconnected up to the time of addressing this letter to the editor, 4.30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, some 31 hours after making the obligatory payment.

Having to call the Telem office Tuesday morning at 10.30 a.m. informing them of the urgency of having our communication restored as we are a business we were told that it will be looked into and send up to the urgency department.

Several calls since then were made by cellular phone only to be getting the continuous run around.

Furthermore we were advised to call toll free #611 but only from a land based line. Imagine how retarded can one get, I must now go to my neighbor and borrow its land based phone to make my complaint to the Telem technical office.

In my opinion of us out here will be just push the reconnection button or plug us back in, simple as that. Mind you I may be wrong but that is how we consumers perceive to be.

Will Telem be compensating us for loss of business as we do not have the necessary means to take measure in our own hands, only if we go through legal proceedings running into thousands of dollars and taking forever to finalize.

Our Minister of Traffic and Communication Romeo Pantophlet will do well to investigate these complaints and try to make it possible that reconnection takes place immediate after payment. Since this is not the case at the moment; simply set up a system where this can have an immediate effect. What is the big deal?


Micheal Frederick

Director, TCA N.V.




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