Reader’s Letter: The Promised Land is only 37 square miles

POSTED: 07/11/11 1:06 PM

Dear Editor,

St. Maarten is only 37 square miles and shared with 150 nationalities. The reality is that the native St. Maarten people not only deserve recognition as a people but should get the Nobel Prize for the tolerance of sharing 37 square miles with people of many different nationalities and heritage in their own tiny promise land in this world.

You would think that all people living here and born here and naturalized here will say thank you to native St. Maarteners for your wonderful contribution to human rights at the expense of terminating yourself. It is unbelievable and ungrateful how some people think that standing and defending native people rights to be recognized is wrong.

We native St. Maarten people were and have always been loving people. But what I love about our St. Maarten heritage is we are much stronger than we think. We are so special is because what we allow to happen cannot and will not happen in any other country. You would have had fights and ethnic cleansing. Our ancestors always tried to take the high road. But what our ancestors did not know is that sometimes you have no choice but to confront people and fight for what is an undeniable right of our native people.

I will never understand why people come from far to fight us for our 37 square miles of Promised Land. Why not go and fix their problem where they came from? The problem is not having guest. The problem is when the guest thinks or believes he is the host or owner. And that is the main problem in St. Maarten.

What is laughable is when some people say they love St. Maarten but they go against the native St. Maarten people and defend illegal immigrants. That is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. I also feel for the immigrants who come here legally and follow the laws and still get cast away for the illegal immigrants. They too are also victim of neglect and that is why many of them support our cause.

Mr. Editor, we have many sheep in wolf clothing here in St. Maarten. We have people who say they are real St. Maarteners but these people fights the most against the recognition of the native St. Maarten people. So you know where they heart lies. These are the people that do not like people like Leopold James, Jeffrey Richardson and Miguel Arrindell. These people are envious; it is because we have the courage to do what most people are afraid to do. In time the haters will be exposed and they will destroy their self for betraying their very own.

The Lord says there is no greater love than when men give their life for others. That’s what you call love of country and being a good patriot. You see men like us are men of honor. You do not have to like us, we can care less, but what you cannot refute is what we are doing without any pay. We do it for our love of country which should be respected as honor. All those who hate us for protecting our 37 square miles of Promised Land and native people will understand what love of country is. We are genuine because no government or any group pay us to do what we are doing and we are not looking for any medal or money. But when the process is finished, for as you can see the noose is tightening, all we expect is a big thank you for doing what our government did not do for St. Maarten. The petty attacks on us will be forgiven. We will forget our haters and then we will continue to walk the high road of honor.

As a patriot of this 37 square miles of Promised Land it is always my pleasure to serve you. Most people are afraid to defend you for victimization, but the greatness of the Lord can defeat anything that is negative. Country St. Maarten you’re wonderful and your native people will soon be recognized. Keep hope alive. Victory is around the corner.

The patriot

Miguel Arrindell


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