Reader’s Letter: The people of St. Maarten heritage deserve recognition

POSTED: 06/20/11 1:09 PM

Dear Editor,


It appears that some in Parliament and in the Council of Ministers are scared even to mention the words “people of St. Maarten heritage”.

Let’s look at the facts here. People of St. Maarten heritage are the most sweet and loving people who were taught and brought up to respect the rule of law and to love your neighbor as yourself. We were taught to be friendly to all people whether it is tourists or foreigners that come here to work. But our loving ancestors never foresaw that their great-grand children would be brought to extinction for being nice to others.

Our past governments were responsible for protecting us as a people. Instead they helped to cater to our demise. After all of the hospitality we have given so many cultures from all over the world and helped them to be a part of our society, which our past and present government embrace and say it is good what we doing. Now our time has come as a country where you will think our government that should love its people and say let’s defend the people of St. Maarten Heritage. Some are saying we cannot recognize the people of St. Maarten’s Heritage.

Our Parliament has two groups of legislators; those who love people of St. Maarten heritage and those who are against people of St. Maarten Heritage. Let’s start the debate now as the last Executive Council has promised we would determine who is a St Maartener. Bring that legislation to Parliament and let every person show were their heart really is. We need 10 votes to pass legislation making it law of the land out of the 15 member Parliament. People of St. Maarten’s Heritage you already know William Marlin, Roy Marlin, George Pantophlet and Leroy De Weever are not going to vote on your side. Those are the vampires that are not to be trusted and pretend to like us, but envy us. When the sunlight shines they will vaporize for their betrayal against St. Maarten people. The good news is we will end their political career anyway.

Now Theo Heyliger’s test is coming to show if he is a real man of St. Maarten Heritage. We know he has the power to bully everyone in his party, so I can safely say the six legislators of UPP will vote Theo‘s way. Patrick Illidge is a man from St. Maarten’s heritage so he will be foolish to vote against his own people. That would be like committing suicide. After all the people are already mad at him. That is 7 votes so far.

Hyacinth Richardson and Frans Richardson are people of St. Maarten’s Heritage. Town and down street people will wreak vengeance on Frans if he goes against us. Brother (Hyacinth Richardson) would not be able to walk the streets of St. Peters if he goes against us people of St. Maarten heritage. That is 9 votes.

Louis Laveis only can do himself more damage and bring the worst kind of judgment from the hands of Cole bay people if he votes against us. However we look at it, these 11 members in our present Parliament are who we will hold responsible if they do not recognize people of St. Maarten’s heritage as the real St. Maarteners.

Gracita Arrindell will have to behave a good girl and sing Theo tune or else bye bye President of Parliament.  All of UPP members Laville Dr. Ruth, Sylvia Meyers, Johan Leonard will be force to vote their master’s wish or else master Theo will make them an outcast and they will be left in the claws of the people of St. Maarten Heritage.

So, Theo and Sarah you can make yourself or break yourself. The way we look at it the people of St. Maarten was thrown under the bus, so the only thing left is to come after you all. But if you use wisdom and vote the right way, you can be forgiven for your past crimes you committed against us. Each and every legislator, if he or she goes against us, (people of St. Maarten Heritage) will be labeled a traitor to the spirit of our ancestors and will never be forgiven.

So let’s bring this vote to the floor and show us where your heart truly lies. Politics is an opportunity to do something that will make you great. Will our legislators do the right thing or will they divide us more? At the end of the day the people of St. Maarten Heritage stand the most to lose in our own country. So I am warning the Parliament of St. Maarten that the wrong decision will create division and country St. Maarten will fail.

I am counting on our Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams to introduce this legislation. And here I am making my first offer open to country St. Maarten if you need my help I will do it free of charge because my motto is “be a real patriot, love people of St. Maarten’s Heritage, duty, honor and country”. We must recognize people of St. Maarten’s Heritage. God bless the people of St. Maarten’s Heritage and all people living in St. Maarten.

Yours truly,

Miguel Arrindell


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