Reader’s Letter: The causeway is not a priority

POSTED: 01/25/12 11:33 AM

Dear Editor,

After listening to the meeting of parliament which was called by the National Alliance to question the minister of VROMI, I have to say: Here goes government once more with not having its priorities set straight.
During the meeting, the parliamentarians posed questions to the minister of VROMI about the condition of the roads, the sewage problem, the causeway, the ring road and other topics. What I have gathered from the meeting is that government has the causeway and the ring road as its priorities. I am saying the government and not the minister of VROMI, because I cannot imagine that the minister of VROMI can burden the financial resources of government to such an extent, without the blessing of the prime minister and the rest of the cabinet. Let us take the condition of the main roads on the island. The roads are in a deplorable state and this is not something of yesterday or last year, but of years ago. Look at the main roads that lead from Philipsburg to the different districts on the island and observe the deteriorating condition that these roads are in. Does government really believe that patching the holes is the solution to this major problem? And these are the roads that are used daily by the majority of the residents of this island. Instead of government making the reconstruction of these roads a priority that will allow the people of this island the use of decent roads to drive and walk on for the next fifteen years, government is about to raise the price of gasoline to finance a causeway over the Simpson Bay Lagoon, that will cost in the vicinity of $50 million dollars. When this causeway is eventually built who will benefit most from it?
The $50 million government is going to use to build the causeway, which is not a priority, can be used to reconstruct all main roads on the island and also take care of the sewage problem. Residents of this island voice your opinion and let government know what the priorities should be.

Todd Peterson

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