Reader’s Letter: St. Martin: A ticking time bomb

POSTED: 01/24/12 1:31 PM

Dear Editor,

A friend of mine asked me what is so bad about St. Martin’s present immigration situation. I told him that from what I have learned the largest majority of voters are of Haitian descent, followed by people who are from or descended from people of the Dominican Republic. The people of St. Martin heritage are by far a much smaller group. The problem with St. Martin is that most of the leaders do not have the character, courage and attitude to stand for the native people of St. Martin heritage. Worse yet it’s that the liberal socialist system will continue to destroy St. Martin because our coward leaders on St. Martin are afraid to stand for moral conviction of the native people of St Martin heritage on St. Martin – the people who should come first in their country.
Imagine your parents (political leaders) allow an unwelcome visitor to eat before you and make sure that the unwelcome guest sleeps in the bedroom while you sleep on the cold ground out on the gallery. They (political leaders) continue to allow more unwelcome visitors to sleep in your bedroom and because now there is much more unwelcome guests than family members in the house that your parent (political leaders) allow to come in, they are scared now and let you become the unwelcome guest in your own domain. That is exactly what is taking place on St. Martin.

Let’s imagine that in the next ten years a person of Haitian heritage becomes President of the Collectivity, and he decides to cater to his people of heritage first, making sure they get the best job and all privileges. What is the native people of St Martin supposed to do? Should they foolishly say it’s ok and I am helping my Caribbean African brother?
Injustice creates hatred and discrimination, injustice foster war. St Martin is a time bomb ticking and will soon explode. Remember political correctness cannot stop a bomb from going off. It takes a real good leader to correct the mistake and to stop injustice to the people who deserves help first.

My brothers and sisters on St. Martin, four things that should be in every political party’s platform are: job creation, stopping and preventing illegal immigration, cutting social welfare to a third of what is being spent now and a plan to give the native St. Martin people special privileges. Any political party without these four criteria is a waste of time and you should not vote for or much less listen to them. What is the sense of voting for a leader who allows you to become a minority in your country and that allows you to be the least important people that interests them.

My native brothers and sisters you must come together as one and put your three thousand votes behind a candidate or party that is fighting for the native people of St. Martin’s interest and who will make sure that the Treaty of Concordia really benefits the native St. Martin people.
Remember my native St. Martin people it is you and your children that have the most to lose. Do not let an unwelcome foreigner or law breaker or even political party drive you to the verge of extinction. Stand up, go out and vote and fight for your rights. The time bomb is ticking. Make sure to defuse it before it destroys all native people on St. Martin. Feel free to ask the St. Martin Nation Building Foundation (SNBF) for help or advice. Remember we are always on the side of the native people of St. Martin heritage. It is better to fight and die than to be a slave for the rest of your life in your own country. God bless the native people of St. Martin heritage.

Yours truly

Miguel Arrindell
The Patriot

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