Reader’s Letter: “St. Maarten, The Unfriendly Island”

POSTED: 03/6/11 10:07 PM

Dear Editor,

I have been an owner of timeshare weeks at the Pelican Resort in St. Maarten since 1985. The gross injustices experienced by the Pelican Timeshare Owners have been magnified by the complete lack of support from the St. Maarten government. When I vacationed in St. Maarten for the past 26 years I spent considerable amounts of money on restaurants, car rental, water sports, shopping, zip lining, and plenty of other recreational pursuits. 

I currently own three weeks. Why should I return to an island that does not protect my investment? The government’s actions, or lack thereof, will keep me and my family from returning to my “home away from home.”  I have been singing the praises of your beautiful island to all who would listen.  No more!  Now I will tell everyone to avoid St. Maarten and to invest their travel dollars some where will the government actually cares about tourists. 

I cannot fathom how an island that depends so heavily on tourist dollars to support their economy can possibly be so unconcerned with the closing of a resort of this size. The global recession was nothing compared to the effects this fiasco will have on the St. Maarten economy. The ramifications will be felt for years.   

To all St. Maarten government representatives:  Do the right thing!  Protect the timeshare owners and save your island.


Lori Barton

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  1. To see the whole PELICAN Resort CLOSED DOWN and empty in high season is absolutely indicative of what is going on in this saga… HOW is it possible when even after HURRICANE LUIS the resort worked.
    HOW can the Government allow this to happen at the busiest time of the year with the Regatta as well>> What advertisement is this for all those visitors from all over the world. Last night with the celebrations everybody was able to look at a CLOSED DOWN RESORT
    Does Government care at all??? Does government care about all the loyal dedicated timeshare owners who despite exorbitant fees return every year only now to be treated like this? One more question, does JULES JAMES still collect his salary whilst his own island workers do not?