Reader’s Letter: Respect the timeshare owners

POSTED: 03/13/11 8:56 PM

Dear Editor,

The Dutch government should wake up and start showing some respect and protection to timeshare holders who have been plundered by unscrupulous timeshare developers for years i.e. Diamond Resort @ Royal Palm.
It is in YOUR best interest to get involved and give us some protection. Where would your island be without our support? Do you want it to be an island that has no source of income? It’s up to you.
We love your island. It is up to you to keep it so we want to come back year after year. We can always take our money and go somewhere else. Where would that leave you? I think you know the answer.
The time share owners must have the support of all the Dutch politicians regarding this problem.
Since Diamond Resorts took over the Royal Palm they have been raising & raising the maintenance fees with little to show for it. They have been accused of taking a good part of these fees OFF YOUR ISLAND. I doubt this is something the Dutch government supports.


Kevin Kaszuba

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