Reader’s Letter: Raffle to create funds for a foreign politician

POSTED: 09/13/11 1:00 PM

Dear Editor,

It really appears that most everything is possible on this island St. Maarten. When passing a local business on the Long Wall road my eye caught a beautiful sign with a vehicle parked at the back of the sign. This sign is advertising a raffle to win the vehicle. What bothers me is the purpose of the raffle. It appears that the monies created by this raffle are going to a politician in the Dominican Republic.
In connection with this raffle I have the following questions for the government of this island:
Is the company that is organizing the raffle allowed to do so?
Can a permit be issued for such a raffle in accordance with our local laws?
Is it not so that by allowing this raffle to take place it can create a precedent on the island?
Is it not so that these types of money creating activities can increase the fleecing of capitol from the island?
Is it not so that fleecing of capital from this island takes place in great numbers?
Based on the above mentioned I am politely requesting the government to look into the legality of this raffle and to stop it if it is being held in contravention of the local laws that govern the issuing of permits to hold raffles.

A concerned citizen
Todd Peterson

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Reader's Letter: Raffle to create funds for a foreign politician by

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