Reader’s Letter: Murder rate

POSTED: 09/15/11 1:10 PM

Dear Editor,

While I thank you for printing my article on St. Maarten’s murder rate, I am not entirely sure you read it correctly and that it warranted a correction. I used the words, “so far, for 2011” indicating the year was not yet finished. Perhaps I should have plainly added that the year was not yet out, and that the ratio could change.

It appears that you have considered the eight months as a whole year and adjusted for that, giving you a ratio of 48.6 per 100,000 instead of 32.4. But that may be questionable statistics according to some, since you have added another multiplier to the mix, distorting the actual ratio of murders per population size. Thus, your figure will be an incorrect ratio if nothing changes and the year runs out, forcing you to adjust it again, back to the true ratio of 32.4 per 100,000 as I have calculated.

Nevertheless, the point remains: St. Maarten has an alarmingly high murder rate and something must be done or the economy and its society will, quite frankly, be screwed.

Once again, thank you for printing my concerns.


Jason Lista

 Editor’s note:

Lista is right; our extrapolation is a projection based on the assumption that the murder rate will keep pace with the pace of the first eight months.

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