Reader’s Letter: Measures to be taken by St. Maarten Government

POSTED: 04/17/11 9:35 PM

Dear Editor,

It behooves the government of this island to consider taking the following measures to assist them in getting out of the quagmire that has been created over the years.
The government should implement as soon as possible a moratorium on “New Comers” to the Island. With “New comers” I mean foreign born nationals who for the first time are requesting a permit to work and reside on the island. The labor market should suffice itself with the people already living on the island.
There are many people living on this island who have the Dutch nationality, and also people with permanent residence who are unemployed. Furthermore there are students returning from abroad who need a job. This moratorium will fit in nicely with the project Get off the Block, Get on the Bus, Get busy from the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport. It will be easier for the people who are targeted by this project to get employment.
              Secondly Government needs to employ people at the Inspectorate of Taxes, who will be going in the field to seek out those unscrupulous employers and employees who are not paying a cent in taxes. By making sure that everyone pays their fair shares in taxes government will have sufficient funds to take care of its needs and would not have to increase nor implement new taxes.
I truly hope that government will take the above mention into consideration and do what is good for the island and its people.

A Concerned Citizen.
Todd Peterson

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Reader's Letter: Measures to be taken by St. Maarten Government by

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