Reader’s Letter: “Make them give something back”

POSTED: 03/9/11 11:50 AM

Dear Editor,

So Pelican got just what they wanted didn’t they; another set of tax breaks! That was what it was always about and they strong armed government until they got it. So what is stopping other companies from doing the exact same thing? In the mean time we are getting taxed up to the wazoo! When are we going to get a tax break?

Our education system is in shambles. We’re still waiting for government to publish the study recently done on the state of our educational system. Our health care got its own set of problems, and the mother of all is CRIME!!

Pelican wants a tax break? Sure give it to them, but make them give something back to the community! Adopt a school, adopt a road, or adopt an NGO! Make them responsible for ensuring the upkeep of which ever establishment they choose. It will be tax deductible anyway wouldn’t it? Let them start to give back to the community and in so doing help our government out and maybe they can finally get the budget balanced because whatever tax break they getting will definitely put a dent in their taxable income.

Someone post on FB yesterday “not because you are paddling with both arms and legs does not mean you are not drowning”. I seriously hope it’s not just a very few who realize that the ship is sinking. I just hope that some can be saved.

Ofelia Lake

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