Reader’s Letter: Let’s start a new political party

POSTED: 09/17/11 3:11 PM

Dear Editor,

Many citizens of this country are extremely dissatisfied with the manner in which our present government is taking care of the business of the people. We are a democratic country, so we do have an opposition in parliament. The one and only opposition party that we have, the National Alliance, is even the party that won the last elections, obtaining 7 of the 15 seats in parliament. However, during the first year of existence of our new country, this party has been slowly but surely disintegrating, for whatever reason(s). Two of their parliament members have left the party and are now independent members of parliament.

We all realize that we are living in economically difficult times and that our government faces gigantic problems. It is very easy to sit in one’s armchair and criticize as we all do at one time or another. Nevertheless, many of us feel that our government is not addressing the problems in the way that they should.

I really had hopes that things would change as time passed by and that our government would slowly but surely start getting things right. Regretfully, I am becoming more and more convinced that this is not the case! So what are we going to do? I envision forming a new political party.

The people of St Maarten is one the highest educated peoples in the world! It must be possible to get a number of these people together to form a new party and to come up with plans to govern this country in a way that each and every citizen will feel that their interests are genuinely being taken care of. If we can get this party together and if our voters agree with our plans I would urge them to become members of the party. In that way representatives can be chosen by the members – the voters of this country – and they can be removed when they are not acting in the best interest of the people.

As I mentioned it is very easy to lay back and criticize. Well, let us stop doing that! Let us get together, form a new party and start making feasible plans for our country before it is too late!

Dr. Neville H. de Weever Labega

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