Reader’s Letter: Laissez Faire Policies

POSTED: 03/25/11 12:11 PM

Dear Editor,

St. Maarten is overrun by foreign born nationals to the extent that the nature of the island and the culture of its people are on the verge of becoming non-existent. All of this is caused by the Laissez Faire policies of the people that govern this island for the last forty years. They had no vision that concerns the well being of the people of this island and the island itself.
They went out and give Jack, Harry, Peter and Paul licenses to operate business on the island without taking into account who they were really creating jobs for. They destroyed the environment of this island to create jobs for people from all over the world. St. Maarten is the lone place in this world that destroyed its environment to create jobs for others. No other country or island will do that. Just look around in the Caribbean and you will see.
There is nothing wrong in allowing foreign born nationals to settle in your country or island, but that should be done in such a manner that it is not detrimental to your country or island and its people. This did not happen on St. Maarten; it was a free for all. Presently St. Maarten has too many people, buildings and vehicles. Because of the Laissez Faire policies of government over the years St. Maarten has found itself with the many problems it has today.
Apparently St. Maarten is an Island with many rich business people but with a very poor government which really makes no sense. Government can’t take care of the people that are in need and can’t fix the infrastructure adequately. Lots of people made lots of money over the years on this island and many never paid a penny in taxes to government. Probably they paid dues to other people but not to government.
What makes it worse today is that government has the audacity to allow hotel resorts to collect room tax from their guest and remain with the money to invest in their resorts.
People what else is there to be expected!

A very concern citizen,
Todd Peterson

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  1. Martyn Rivera says:

    I simply want my money back. Since i suspect that i may not get it, i may have to go to the bank and change my account number. So i wont get subsequent charges.