Reader’s Letter: Kneejerk

POSTED: 10/1/12 12:04 PM

Hilbert Haar’s kneejerk reaction to Leopold James letter to the FBI and our valued tourists.
Never mind, that the concerns of the majority of St. Martin native people and other law-abiding citizens, about the total out of control illegal migration flooding the island,
Also never mind, the fact many immigrants who have been deported from the USA are washing up on the shores of this island,
Never mind, that many of these illegal immigrants are spoiling the ‘brand-name’ of ‘Friendly Island’, which especially, our St. Martin ancestors have contributed to,
Of course, never mind, that the name St. Martin/St.Maarten increasingly is mentioned in a very negative manner in the international media,
Never mind, that these brutal crimes are placing our own people living abroad, especially our youth, in serious jeopardy for retaliation,
Never mind, that many high value, long time repeat US-visitors, in particular, are deciding to stop visiting our island,
Never mind, that would have a most devastating impact on our one-pillar economy,
Never mind, that I, Leopold in my letter, was trying to put pressure on our authorities to start cleaning up the place and ridding the island of illegal immigrants, in order to get a better grip on crime in general and in order to protect our high value tourists,
No, Mr. Hilbert Haar of the Today newspaper indeed chose not to mind none of the above-mentioned and more factual observations.
Instead of using the opportunity to help fight illegal immigration and crime, he preferred to vent his personal dislike, envy of a proud, native, St. Martiner, called Leopold James.
Meanwhile, in the Daily Herald of Saturday Mr. Peter Gunn, wrote a blistering letter to the editor, essentially confirming what Leopold and most other people are concerned about.
The obvious link between illegal immigration and crime.
Read these articles and draw your own conclusions.


Leopold James.


Editor’s note:

The link between immigration (legal or not) and crime is obviously ludicrous, but it serves as a well-worn argument to divert the attention from the real problem.

As far as Peter Gunn is concerned he is entitled to his opinion like everybody else. He may start to reconsider his stand on gun possession though, now that an American father has fatally shot his 15-year-old son because he thought he was dealing with a burglar in his back yard.

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