Reader’s Letter: Is there such a thing as morally right?

POSTED: 03/28/11 4:52 PM

Dear Editor,

These last week’s I have read some interesting articles about morality but what is still not clear is what is right.

Most churches are afraid to discuss sex, so who will teach the people about sex? My question is then what is right. For example if I am married and me and my wife decided to have sex with another couple. I mean straight, like I have sex with my friend’s wife and he has sex with my wife. Is that wrong even though we are both married, and we do it with consent? Is it wrong if we make prostitution legal and charge them taxes?  Remember not every man can seduce a woman. Having a whore house is good, because it avoids men from raping young girls. Is there anything wrong with having three wives once you can financially support them and the government does not have to bear any responsibility? What is wrong with girls over 18 years doing prostitution and stripping to pay for their education if the government cannot afford to pay for scholarships?

If the church knows so much about what is right or moral why don’t they give public lectures about what is right? How can the church prove they are the correct life style when most so called Christians are poor and always begging for money? If Christianity is so good how come Christians are cowards and can only discuss the gospel in church but cannot do it out in the public? I know many Christians who are married to non-believers or non-Christians. Tell me why they are married to those people if they are so morally right.

Carnival is around the corner. I see lots of Christians partaking in carnival troops and drinking alcohol like me who is a non-Christian. There are many Christians that have those adult channels like HBO, Prime Max, Showtime, Playboy etc. Where are Pastor Philbert and Wycliffe during this time when many Christians are partaking in Carnival? So tell me, editor, is there such thing as morally right?

I know for a fact we have some gay pastors here in St. Maarten. I do not see the two leading pastors on St. Maarten preaching against those gay preachers. Or is there now something named gay Christianity? If the churches want to be salt of the earth clean your churches first. If you really want to make change stop hiding in the church and come out to the public and give lectures on morality and have the courage to practice what you preach. As far as I see at present everything goes in St. Maarten. Abortion is legal, prostitution is ok even though it’s not legal yet. Sex is in all our homes and on street and in the bars. So if the majority of people in St. Maarten are living like that then there is no such thing as moral right, and I challenge any pastor or Christian to prove me wrong.

What is wrong if children have sex once there is consent? They feel good and they are happy. I find many people in St. Maarten are hypocritical. If children having sex is so wrong then why do most married couples cheat on each other? Enjoy life. It is only wrong if you hide or do not tell the truth. If you are involved in a relationship outside your marriage and it is with consent it is ok, because you’re not lying. If you’re lying then it is wrong.

Miguel Arrindell said break one law guilty of all. So if we all doing it wrong does not exist anymore and I challenge anybody be it Christian or non-Christian. But I know you Christians are too cowardly to respond.

My question remains is there such thing as morally right?

 John Mathew

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  1. Shiloh says:

    Christians are cowards when it comes to EVERYTHING. They bury their heads in the sand when they see unpleasantness, especially when it is in their own community. You have a better chance of getting help standing on a corner and screaming than going to a church. They will give millions to other countries who don’t care at all about America, just to make themselves feel big and patronizing, but when they see suffering close at hand they become judgmental, assuming it must be that person or group’s fault. And they will distance themselves as soon as possible, in record time. No wonder people with functional brains are leaving religion behind. Hyprocrisy, thy name is Christian.