Reader’s Letter: Is there something wrong with our young professionals?

POSTED: 07/13/11 12:20 PM

Dear Editor,

I have some questions for our appointed and elected officials on this island, namely the ministers and parliamentarians. Why when appointing persons to the boards of government owned companies and foundations and other government institutions we always see the same names over and over again. Even persons beyond the stipulated age are still being proposed to serve on government institutions. What is wrong with our young professionals on this island? Aren’t they capable of becoming board members of government owned companies, foundations and other government institutions?
How are we going to build a country if the appointed and elected officials, (ministers and parliamentarians) are not willing to utilize the potential of our young professionals? Is it really so that for someone to become a board member of a government owned company, foundation or any other government institution one must first be affiliated with a political party? When will nepotism and cronyism be eradicated on this island?
And by the way when will in-depth investigations be carried out on government owned companies by an independent institution. I am referring to the Harbor, the Airport, GEBE and the group of telecommunication companies? Curacao did it and the results were not so nice!

A concerned citizen
Todd Peterson

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Reader's Letter: Is there something wrong with our young professionals? by

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