Reader’s Letter: Is it just political victimization?

POSTED: 04/11/11 12:23 PM

Dear Editor,

I’m writing this article not particularly because it is Mr. Bas Roorda, supposedly a well qualified Dutchman, head of the finance department. I’m perplexed and dismayed; trying to understand or rationalize what could be so urgent or bad that would cause the director of a finance department to be abruptly dismissed.

This is happening at such a crucial time before April 15th, the Cft deadline to present accurate information about government owned companies amongst others. What precedent is government really setting by the dismissal of a chief financial official without stating a valid reason? Let alone not sharing any reason at all!

Surely, such a decision will most certainly have serious financial consequences. Is government going to payout Mr. Roorda’s newly acquired contract and continue to pay someone else for the same service as is the case of Mrs. Maria Buncamper? Isn’t it important to be a prudent steward of taxpayers’ money? Does intentional mismanagement of government have personal, legal consequences too?

Seemingly, government is doing their best to hide something. Perhaps, this professional is not cooperating with government’s program by preparing false entries into the budget to deceive the Cft. In fact, Mr. Roorda might very well turn out to be the type of new professional civil servant that we need on St. Maarten. Can anyone imagine a scenario where a competent professional is not entitled to have an intellectual opinion because he or she is working for an overpaid, under-qualified, incompetent gang of corrupt ministers? Or a government that is operating like the mafia, a closed circuit criminal organization with a lot of inner secrets?

Certainly, this is a completely unacceptable and irresponsible situation. Especially, since the same finance minister has a proven ten year long record of inventing entries to balance a budget. Remember, Ministers are personally responsible and accountable for purposeful decisions they make while in office! This kind of arrogant show of power needs to be paid for in kind. This thing comes too close to an apparent example of a criminal organization victimizing someone to protect itself, by seeking to obscure evidence. Taxpayers should not be subject to these types of dubious expensive political expeditions and personal vendettas. Once government proves to be wrong again, repayment for losses and ministerial resignations is absolutely in order.

St. Maarten People deserve better by not accepting less!

Mr. Eldridge van Putten

Social & Political activist.


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