Reader’s Letter: Insel Air and its Monopoly

POSTED: 01/9/14 11:13 PM

Dear Editor,

Please allow some space in your well read newspaper to complain about the practices of the regional airline Insel Air.

Members of the St. Maarten public, including myself, booked reservations on Insel Air a few months ago to go to Aruba to celebrate 60th anniversary of Carnival. At that time you would get a reservations confirmation via email. The attendant on the phone told you verbally the date when you had to come in to pay for your reservation. Unfortunately that date when you have to pay is not included in your email.

It’s a new year and 2014 came and customers including myself called Insel offices to confirm their reservations and their payment date and lo and behold “sorry your reservation has been cancelled.” The response from Insel  Air is that their policy has changed and we do not have to notify our customers of such changes.

You can understand the total disappointment Aruba Carnival lovers now have as they have no way of obtaining their reservations to fly to Aruba as Insel Air has replaced these with new customer bookings.

This is customer abuse to the highest when a company like Insel Air has the monopoly (no DAE) and can do whatever it wants to their customers.

The public of St. Maarten deserve way better service than this.


Very Disappointed Insel Air Customer    

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