Reader’s Letter: He’s back! (ex Gebe managing director)

POSTED: 08/16/11 12:27 PM

Dear Editor,

One might think that this is becoming another scary episode of “Nightmare on Elm Street”.
The Chairman of the Supervisory Board Mr. Lambert is on his way to achieve what he set out to do from the very beginning. He is trying to get back in the chair of the managing director and once again have total control over the operations of the company and over us the employees.
Upon his appointment as Chairman of the Supervisory Board he told us, the employees, that Mr. Brooks would be out in three months. It took him almost four years to carry out his plan but he’s back!

In his article of Wednesday, August 10, he stated that “all efforts should go towards restoring the morale of the employees”. What a joke! Since he was appointed as the Chairman of the Board, the morale of the employees has plummeted and the fear factor has escalated again!
From the very date that Mr. Brooks left on his forced vacation the Chairman of the Supervisory Board has been in direct and open contact with employees on all levels. This goes against all professional principals. He is circumventing the proper chain of command and thereby causing much confusion and frustration among us. Just take a drive by at any time of day (or night for that matter!) and you will find him here somewhere on the premises!
The Supervisory Board advised the Shareholder not to renew Mr. Brooks’ contract even with the knowledge of his pending vacation days. They have refused to pay him his days and therefore have forced him to take his days or have these forfeited. This tactic of course would then allow the chairman to try and take control in the absence of the managing director. How is it possible that the present managing director must take up his vacation days whilst the retired managing director, Mr. Lambert, manipulated the system and ensured that he was paid out his own vacation days that he had accumulated over a period of twenty-five years (do the math!). His most recent actions provide concrete evidence that this was all predetermined.

It is our view that the Chairman of the Board has been allowed to engage in a personal vendetta against Mr. Brooks with the express purpose of undermining his authority in the company and publicly humiliating him in front of the entire community. We would like to testify that in our opinion the outgoing Managing Director has brought considerable improvements to N.V. GEBE and that our company began its upward trend under the leadership of Mr. Brooks. Instead of supporting this trend the shareholder and government have allowed the Chairman of the Board to launch an unmitigated attack against Mr. Brooks purely because he would not collude with their mission, amongst other things, to mislead the public about the fuel clause “relief”. We vehemently protest against this outrageous action.

What we find especially disappointing about this whole malicious episode is the failure of the shareholder and government to bring the chairman into line. Not only has he not been prevented from exercising his vindictive and undermining tendencies, but he has been allowed to remain in his post and has been actively supported. The sum total of the shareholder and government’s failure to act correctly has been the creation by Mr. Lambert of an almighty mess.
How on God’s earth is it possible that this one man has managed to outsmart and dupe lawyers, bankers, tax consultants and ex–Lt. Governors and not to forget the other Supervisory Board members? How did he pull that off? He has total control. Not only is he the Chairman of the Supervisory Board but he also sits (again!) on the chair of the Managing Director of N.V. GEBE. So say we all!

On behalf of the concerned employees of GEBE

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