Reader’s Letter: Go and sin no more

POSTED: 11/25/12 8:22 PM

We received the letter published below from a local student who studies in the Netherlands. For obvious privacy reasons, we allow this opinion without the writer’s name.

Open letter to the government, the parliament and the Ministerial Foundation

It amazes me how politicians and so called Christians pick and choose what they feel is right. I have been reading the news about abortion and gay marriage possibly being introduced on the Dutch islands. The behavior of the so called Ministerial Foundation of St. Maarten, is a reaction of a hypocrite. They preach and proclaim that gay marriage is wrong and sinful yet you don’t see them, preaching about the brothels on St.Maarten. You never heard a word about brothels!! What hypocrisy! Am I the only person who happened to realize that in the Bible, prostitution is just as wrong as gay marriage? Or is it because its women selling their bodies to men, instead of men and men, then it’s acceptable?? Or maybe it’s because the government makes a lot of money from those women, that they close their eyes and talk about fake morals?
Even if prostitution is legalized, it is still against the principles of the Bible. Yet I have never heard of the ministerial foundation preach to government about the sinfulness of allowing brothels to exist on the island. The fact that they pick and choose what they like, shows they are discriminating, which makes me furious.
Their actions clearly have nothing to do with Christianity. Why treat the prostitutes as normal people but the gays as if they aren’t? Everyone has the right to marry, whether you like it or not! How would you feel being denied the rights to marry because someone thought you don’t deserve it? If God allows man to live and make his own decisions, then who are you to decide what people should do with their life?
Recently I have heard that the St. Maarten government is willing to legalize abortion under certain conditions. Why not also talk about legalizing gay marriage? These people in parliament and in government talk about morals, but haven’t you already forgotten about your morals the moment you allowed brothels to exist on the island? Once again, it’s clear that they pick and choose what they want.
Wasn’t abortion a sin? The Bible certainly states it’s a sin but once again the Ministerial Foundation is nowhere to be found to comment or preach how sinful it is. It’s a shame to know that St.Maarten has hypocrites who act so Godly. Calling themselves Christians while willfully blinding their eyes to the accepted sinful acts as prostitution. According to the Bible, sin is sin! Whether it is stealing, prostitution or even gay marriage. Yet they act as if gay marriage is the worst sin a man can commit.
Oh please, wake up and the smell coffee people of St.Maarten! Being intolerant and using sin as an excuse to get away with such a shameful behavior, is unacceptable! Let the gays get married and judge not! Don’t’ act all holy and talk about homosexuality being a sin while you allowed brothels and probably enjoy having them! If you want to be godly, then tell the prostitutes the same message you told the people about gay marriage. An advice for you all would be to do as Jesus did: “Tell the prostitutes, go and sin no more.”

A concerned St. Maarten student living in the Netherlands.

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