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POSTED: 01/10/13 12:59 PM

Re; Your letters to the editor in the Today newspaper of Wednesday, January 9.

Yes, this is my response to you.

That you have made it your life’s mission to try everything in the book, to ridicule me for standing up for my indigenous St. Martin people, to come first in their own land, is a public secret.

Not that your feeble efforts ever had any impact on the people of the island – they never had, nor will have, other than make for poor entertainment.

After all for some-one coming as modern-day adventurer, a gold-seeker who could not even make it as a clown in his own land nor in his own little village, what shall I say ?

For years you have been publishing your silly articles about me in the local papers which I have been collecting faithfully as part of my to be published biography on a wannabe-everything-but-self.

Still, I will be the last one to take away your right of making yourself a public clown – unpaid at that, as a matter of fact.

But Ger, I have one simple and also free advice for you.

Please keep my family out of your personal attacks on me – they have never done you anything – neither have I done you anything for that matter.

Of course, you do not have to follow my free advice – you are too superior for that.

But I would like to kindly remind you that you too have a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters you do your utmost best to promote as made on St. Maarten.

In other words, Mr. Driftwood artist, it might serve you well to remember that what goes around, still comes around – with a vengeance.

Consider this just for the record and please, please continue making my day with your free here nor there nonsensical advices.

Perhaps, you should first try to convince your very own people in your little village of Pijnacker of the added value you have as a person and citizen.

In the case your own villagers would recognize your gifts and talents, I would be willing to accept your advices – and pay you for them.

However, if your own people would embrace and recognize you, you might not want to leave your little village and country ever again – not even for a vacation.

After all, lacking their recognition and love for you is the very reason, you tried your luck in the tropics, where no-one knows you – or so you might think.

As for now, you are like a little chicken pretending to be an eagle among other eagles.

Come again – Ah waiting 4 u.


Leopold James.

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