Reader’s Letter: Emperor Bobo

POSTED: 11/28/12 2:21 PM

My two lesbian dogs were wagging their tail around 5 0’clock in the afternoon. Time to go swim ! Normally I walk to Royal Palm to swim, but arriving at the best beach bar of St. Maarten (Buccaneer Beach Bar) I saw a crowd: Henri Brookson and Michel Soons, two mentally disabled persons, were having a party with physically disabled persons from all over the world.

I love Michel and Henri, because I am also mentally disabled. (Thanks to our government and my two studying daughters I am also financially disabled). Anyway, what do I see at my beloved Buccaneer Bar? A crowd!

What did I hear?

Beautiful music.

What did I see?

People in a wheel chair, having a lot of fun. They had a lot of fun because King Bobo is a great entertainer. What did he do? He wanted to give a prize to the best dancer. He invited also the guys and girls in their wheelchair.

The fact, that Bobo succeeded to get all handicapped on the floor means that somehow he is a magician. The music starts, the handicapped and the non handicapped dance in their own way. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw on the dance floor.

King Bobo?

Nonsense, Emperor Bobo.

By the way, he did his show for free. When will our politicians start doing things for free?

Gerard Bijnsdorp,

Unpaid advisor to politically, socially and culturally handicapped politicians.


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