Reader’s Letter: “Effective media is good for a democracy”

POSTED: 03/1/11 12:46 PM

Dear Editor,
Media are effective when they do investigative reporting and report the facts as they are. Regardless of whom the story or news effect, once the story is a fact it should be reported. We have come to notice that whenever a story is pertaining to or protecting or saying something about the indigenous St. Maarten people it will not be allowed in the paper or put in the opinion section. This is what we call biased media.

Effective media should educate the people of St. Maarten about their country and give them knowledge about their political system. There are certain media that see grievances about the indigenous St. Maarten people and them standing for their rights and it is like they never saw or heard of that news. There are two particular media organization that do outstanding reporting and are fair to all people. They are the Today Newspaper and SMN News Network. News should be reported and let the people decide about its validity. They may not be the biggest in the business but they are good and accurate and very effective reporting.
Let me make myself clear, I welcome all media institutions but it is clear that some are biased against the indigenous St. Maarten people. I would not be surprised if they do not print this article in the news. They will only prove us right again.
Media is a good and powerful tool when it is use for fair and balance purposes, but when it is used against a particular group or people it should not be trusted. If this article offends any one then you are guilty and what I say is true, if not and it is printed then you have vindicated yourself.
God bless the indigenous St. Maarten people and all people living in St. Maarten. My people remember effective media are good for democracy.

Yours truly
Miguel Arrindell

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