Reader’s Letter: Child Fest and Adult Entertainment

POSTED: 05/18/11 12:19 PM

Dear Editor,

On Sunday I went to Child Fest. I saw a lot of kids and parents having fun and I saw volunteers doing a great job.
On Saturday evening there was a dinner where the rich could eat a 200 dollar lobster in order to finance a swimming pool for the underprivileged. During the dinner there was amusement. The highlight was a skit by Sarah Wescot-Williams and a Turkish comedian by the name of Ozkan, in daily life a casino owner.
Sarah says: “Dear Ozkan, why in God’s name do you give me a 50,000 dollar swimming pool to swim with my beloved underprivileged children?”
Ozkan answers: “My beloved Sarah, what I give to you is peanuts, I hardly have to pay any taxes. You see to it that the gaming control board is on the government’s backburner, so I can go on whitewashing money. You do a lot more for me than I do for you. I just love your philosophy that paying tax is something for the small man.”
A beautiful and very funny evening.

Gerard Bijnsdorp,
Unpaid advisor to the underprivileged and millionaires.

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