Reader’s Letter: Charmed senses

POSTED: 05/28/12 3:37 PM

Every good deed deserves recognition. As a staunch critic of the PJIAE, my eyes, ears and other perceptive senses were recently charmed by a representative at the airport’s information counter.
With only fifty minutes before my flight to New York and with an out of date ESTA immigration waiver, the prospect of not boarding my plane transformed my karma into one of intense panic. What to do?
I snatched my notebook from my briefcase and attempted to log onto the free wifi airport signal to renew my ESTA. For some technical reason, a signal was not forthcoming.
In desperation I turned to Jasmine from the airport information counter. My brow contorted and hands visibly shaking, her confident smile and communicative manner quickly put me at ease. Within five minutes, this angel completed all the digital paraphernalia to allow me to proceed with my itinerary.
Relieved and imbued with her charm and alacrity, my expression of gratitude was unmistakable. “We love you!” I uttered.
“We love you too!” she replied.
In the Caribbean, we are often treated by officials to a variety of attitudes that range from facial indifference to verbal rudeness. Expediency and customer friendliness is rarely an observed skill or talent.
Jasmine has reset my idée fixe on this expectation. I am not sure how long this new mind set will persist. Not very long, I anticipate. But a positive experience of this nature will remain indelibly encoded within my psychological DNA.
Whereas I am not sure that the airport has such a scheme, I therefore nominate this delightful bloom of a counter representative for the Customer Quality Performance of the Year Award.
“Was she just doing her job?” I hear you mutter. Perhaps! But every good deed deserves recognition.

James Russell
Public Relations Consultant

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