Reader’s Letter: Brown strikes correct chord

POSTED: 05/24/11 1:20 PM

Dear Editor,

Wow!  Gary E. Brown is truly an eloquent writer, a clear thinker and a joy to read.  His letter printed in both local newspapers this past Saturday about the specter of a local dolphinarium once again rearing its ugly head said exactly what needed to be said about the subject, no more, no less.  What made Mr. Brown’s comments so forceful were the absence of hysteria coupled with a full measure of completely believable personal experience.

Obviously Gary Brown knows about dolphins from a unique vantage point, and he expresses his concern for their freedom and well being in a way that anyone should be able to understand. Anyone that is, except the people in the business of making money from captive dolphins imprisoned in dolphinariums.

Referring to cruelty to animals, which is what a dolphinarium is when one cuts through all the misinformation and outright lies spread by dolphinarium promoters, my friend Jane Goodall once told me over forty years ago that we should be kind to animals because it makes better humans of us all. Enough said.


Mary Smith

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