Reader’s Letter: Black eye

POSTED: 11/30/12 1:15 PM

“Further to the article in November 29th’s news, the St Maarten Marine Trades Association would like to note the raids in the prison and all the contra-band imported through the open window in the Simpson Bay holding cells. This open access to the community for accused or convicted felons continues to be not only a nuisance to the public but now proves to be a serious safety concern as well. We feel it is absolutely imperative that these openings are covered swiftly, not only to stop the unnecessary harassment of our residents and visitors, that in fact is a black eye on our tourist product and may in fact prevent visitors from returning to the island; but to avoid the easy importation of contra-band into the prison.

The SMMTA would like to propose that the holding cell windows that are facing the street be filled in with glass bricks or similar material to a height higher than the inmates can reach or look over allowing for continued light and air flow at the top of the windows. This would eliminate the direct leering and menacing comments of the inmates on the pedestrian traffic below, as well as hinder their direct access to the public.

We hope that the Ministry Of Justice appreciates the detrimental effect that this has on the island and acts to rectify the solution swiftly, not only after the end of season when the damage is done.”

Christian Smith

SMMTA Administrator


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