Reader’s Letter: Be strong and courageous

POSTED: 08/9/11 12:02 PM

Dear Editor,

It is good for us as native people of St. Maarten Heritage that we are sometime afflicted, that we might learn our statutes. Afflicted is grievously affected by a situation. In native St. Maarten people case we continue fight to be recognized in the constitution. Statutes command or prohibit something, or declare policy. The word is often used to distinguish law made by legislative bodies from case law, decided by courts. Statutes are sometimes referred to as legislation or “black letter law “. The black letter law refers to the basic standard elements for a particular field of law, which are generally known and free from doubt or dispute. (That is native people need protection and special privileges).

We can discuss pension, GEBE, roads and many topics but all these issues affect people in our country. And the people are native St. Maarten people, the born here and naturalize and legal immigrants. So we can conclude that the importance of any subject is about the people and the primary case of subject is about the St. Maarten people and highlighted about the native St. Maarten people. So the fact is that if anyone does not want or care less to discuss this subject means they do not care about St. Maarten.

Until we solve the most important problem first, which is about us as people, all other issues are minor. The entire economy is about what affects people. So if the importance of discussing about native people of St. Maarten Heritage is a problem then feel free not to read the newspapers or look at the TV or listen to the radio or stop surfing the local websites. It will continue, so get used to it. Until justice is done there will never be peace.

St. Maarten is weak because many St. Maarten people especially those who are educated care more about politics and money. They do not have love for people, until their pockets or finances become threatened. Anything that is given easy and freely will never be of value.
Many foreigners tell me they agree with our cause, but they make a valid point to me, they said until I see more native people defend their interest only then they will help and promote that cause. They said as foreigners it is not their business to interfere. As native people it is up to us to lead and to continue to promote our cause. Just imagine if we put in time and interest in this matter as we make time for Carnival or Bastille Day or August Monday in Anguilla. When we portray that kind of love for ourselves and our country St. Maarten victory will come much faster.

As native people of St. Maarten we must put our priorities first and focus what is important to us as a people. St. Maarten Day and Emancipation Day are never complete without recognition of the native St. Maarten people in our constitution. If the native people in St. Maarten do not stand up for themselves it will appear in the world’s eyes that we do not love our selves and heritage. So others will think if they do not care why I should help them. The dagger is not only on our government but also on the native St. Maarten people of heritage to defend their cause if they love not only country St. Maarten but more important if they love themselves.
So, all native people of St. Maarten heritage defend your cause and rights and let’s go for the gold. The war is won in the mind first, condition yourself for the long term. Remember there are a few people out there who want us to fail but let that be our determination to succeed. In the end still forgive them, we continue to take the high and moral road.
In conclusion be strong and courageous.

Miguel Arrindell
The Patriot

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