Reader’s Letter: Are you a traitor or are you a patriot?

POSTED: 07/25/11 12:12 PM

Dear Editor,

In St. Maarten it is normal when you ask “where are you from” that the answer you get 95 percent of the time is, I am not from here or the so called St. Maartener will tell you my mother and father are from somewhere else. Often times you hear I can go back to my mother country where I am really from. We the native St. Maarten people accept that and have no problem with that.
Now the time comes to define who is a St. Maartener, suddenly the population of St. Maarten turns from 10 percent native St. Maarteners to 70 percent of people from St. Maarten Heritage. This is interesting. The very same people who did not want to be called St. Maarteners and over the past 30 years were proud to be call foreigners are now pretending to be shocked and saying how you can’t exclude us. For the last 30 years they were glad to excuse their selves, which they have rightfully done, and now we are continuing the process of giving every person the reward they themselves proclaim and now they are saying we are excluding them.
It is clear most of these people only wants to be a St. Maartener for one thing and that is the Dutch citizenship or Dutch passport which is no problem to us. You all can go fight Holland for that and if you like take them to court. That is not our problem. But do not come here and tell me you are a St. Maartener. Heritage and ancestry is what you’re born with or inherited from your ancestors way back.
There are real native people of St. Maarten who also get us mad, they act hopeless and continue to make stupid statements. Well you all are right and I agree with you, but I do not want to be victimized.
Mr. Editor these people do not realize they are already victims of neglect and that is the shameful part of it. I pity those real St. Maarteners who act like wimps. But that does not mean they deserve to be trampled on? My question to the native St. Maarten people is: are you a traitor or are you a patriot?
A traitor blends in with our opponents (the anti St. Maarten people) but a patriot fights the good fight and accepts death if it comes along. A patriot always shows their true belief and intent and makes clear in actions where his or her loyalty lies. From day one we initiate our mission, we lead our mission and we will successfully see our mission accomplished.
The question to all native St. Maarten people and born here and the naturalize citizens is: are you traitors or will you be patriots? For all those that truly love St. Maarten, will and should agree with us. For the pretenders of loving St. Maarten and the anti St. Maarten people, trust me you are free to leave and you are not welcome back.
There are many people writing articles and on the internet blogs but they never put their names. These people are cowards and are not to be trusted. People must show who they are and what side they are on. As Jesus said if you my sheep and I call your name you will hear me.
A traitor is a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust, a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country or native people. You can tell those who are not native St. Maarteners. They come up with all type of rhetoric to include themselves and then they try to include illegal immigrants’ children, which prove they are not belongers. These people are traitors to people of St. Maarten heritage.
The patriots are the people that gladly identify themselves and put their selves in the line to fight for what is their inheritance. All those people who complain what are we going to do and continue to complain are not only cowards but they are traitors also because they refuse to stand up and defend what is their rights and inheritance. A coward will never be a patriot. He prefers to sit back and let himself or herself continue to be a victim.
So, all native people of St. Maarten, if you are afraid to speak up and to say who you are it means you are glad to become extinct and are cowards as well as being traitors. You should be ashamed of your selves.
In conclusion cowards are not worthy of a harvest he did not take part of. My people, define who you really are; you’re either traitors or you either a patriots.
Yours truly

Miguel Arrindell
The Patriot

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