Reader’s Letter: An apology is necessary

POSTED: 05/8/11 7:11 PM

I looked at the ceremonies of the opening of the Parliament Building on Television. I enjoyed the ceremonies up until the moment that the Member of Parliament Roy Marlin spoke. During his speech he scorned the Members of Parliament of the National Alliance for taking up the cause of a St. Maartener.

The Member of Parliament had me confused because if I did not know him I would have sworn that he was a Member of Parliament in some foreign Country.

During his speech the Member of Parliament literally told the St. Maarteners they do not have any more rights to live and work on this buy cheap generic valium Island than any other person coming from any other part of this world.

Now that is an insult to the St. Maarteners. The Member of Parliament should apologize. I expect nothing less than an apology from the Member of Parliament to the St. Maarteners.

I pondered somewhat before I understood why the Member of Parliament gave such a speech in which he belittles and demeaned the St. Maartener.

But after some thought I realized that the Member of Parliament was born on Aruba and most probably he is confused to where and towards whom he should place his loyalty.

A very concerned citizen
Todd Peterson

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