Reader’s Letter: All of a sudden it’s about the people

POSTED: 01/11/13 12:23 PM

For several weeks now I have read the utter nonsense that was being published in the local media by Mr. Maurice Lake. I call it utter nonsense because anyone that is paying attention to what is going on knows that all his articles are just based on fiction that has the goal of corrupting the minds of the people who may not pay close attention.

In his last article he commented on the year end greeting of the UP leader, actually calling him a great leader for ‘preparing’ the people for some made up challenges predicted by Mr. Heyliger with no factual base whatsoever. I use the example of his inflated numbers for the projects being envisioned by the current government.

If you read the comments of the UP leader and to some extent Maurice’s articles, you would think that the first time these two gentlemen were in government was in October 2010. They seem to conveniently forget the precious 20 years that the UP leader was a member of the Executive and Island Councils. Where was the relief in those 20 years Maurice? The GEBE prices have been high for the better part of the last 10 to 12 years, yet there was no relief coming from the UP leader or you as his advisor. So you had over 10 years to bring relief to the people but there was no relief forthcoming but you have the audacity to criticize a government that has only sat in the chair for the past 8 months. That’s one of the reasons the media called the UP leader’s message sour grapes.

Now let’s look at more of your comments. You claim this government suffered brain freeze since taking office with no projects or legislation. The question is where are your projects and legislation? The Causeway is the only thing that was done and that arguably is a harbor project. You also talk about government being transparent, yet the causeway was never brought to parliament. It was sneaked by parliament with no debate. Is that what you call transparent? You must really think we are foolish!

You also mention that government needs to build national pride, know their destiny, plan better cultural programs and establish a flag day, where were all these ideas when you were the advisor to the UP-leader. I guess only now that you are outside looking in that you can see what is needed. Why would the people of St. Maarten want to even think about putting their confidence in you and the UP leader again when your entire career was a great failure of the very things you proposed?

You talk about electoral reform and you say that people are walking away with the party’s seats but you fail to remember that the UP leader did the same thing just a few months ago when he left the DP to form a coalition with the NA. I guess with you what’s good for the goose is NOT good for the gander. If we do change the electoral system we should try to make it more democratic and not just because a politician feels he owns a particular party because he is the leader. We need to control election spending too. Put limits on how much a party can spend during an election, just like the Northern side. Don’t reinvent the wheel. I bet you don’t support that option.

My suggestion to you is to use your energy in a positive way and not continue to fill the papers with untruths and exaggerations. I also remind you that even with the loss of one UP seat, you still have 5. These UP members can be much more effective and mature, as you suggested, and bring legislation to Parliament instead of calling meetings with the only purpose to question Minister’s in an aggressive and unproductive manner, constantly placing articles in the papers criticizing any and everything while the advisor to the Minister is writing articles advising parliament to be more mature.

Kendall Dupersoy

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