Reader’s Letter: A waste of education!

POSTED: 03/29/12 2:24 PM

Dear Editor,

I notice some people in St. Maarten think it is all right if native St. Maarten people are left behind. They believe we should not even talk or discuss about them. But for them how dare you say anything about foreigners. Some of these so called educated people have come back home and twisted all logic in reverse. The worst thing any person can do is to use his education to destroy his own people and heritage while making it his interest to defend foreign interest. That is what you call a waste of education.

It is normal in every country in the world for people to go away to attain an education and come back to help their own, but certain people believe they must pledge allegiance to the country that their mother or father was from. These people not only have an inferiority complex, they do not know where they belong. That is why God made people like me to teach them about rights and interest and who should they pledge of allegiance to first. Where you were born is your country. It is not your mother or father’s country.
No matter how we turn it, as long as the native St. Maarten people do not get recognition in the country it will be a spirit to haunt St. Maarten.
So I thank those who oppose me for keeping this subject alive. As my friend drs Leopold James said the genie is out of the bottle and you cannot get it back in. Until all leaders pledge an allegiance to our country – St. Maarten – to promote the interest of the native people first, this issue will never go away. This issue caused a political party to lose an election on French St. Martin. Keep opposing us, we will break you. That is the lesson for all who oppose the native St. Maarten people.

Feel free to hate me and oppose me but I guarantee you one thing: I will defeat you in the end. You must choose to be a patriot or a traitor. Solve the problem and then the spirit will rest in peace. I am the patriot, Miguel Arrindell, and I approve this message.

Miguel Arrindell
The Patriot

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