Reader’s Letter: A personal question for the people of St. Maarten

POSTED: 08/5/11 1:06 PM

Dear Editor,

Let me get personal with the entire population of St. Maarten now. My question to you is; ‘If you love your country and you believe it is going down the wrong road, is it your obligation to do something about it?’ If you believe it is so and you do nothing then you become liable and are just as guilty as those in government who are taking those negative actions. It is just as guilty to turn the blind eye and do nothing while at the same time complaining about what is taking place.
Love of country is not only wearing our beautiful flag. Love of country is also fighting and taking a stand to defend your native St. Maarten people and all born here and naturalized St. Maarten people. Love of country must be a proactive stance. We have many educated people who disappoint me. They go along hoping they might get a big paying job in government. But they usually never take a stand of defending the principles of our native and all other citizens of St. Maarten. It is good to see people like the respectable and intelligent young gentlemen as Emilio Kalmera and Sjaoel Richardson (Shooz) speaking their mind on the local websites. It is good to see that the message is being passed on that we must take control of our immigration system. I quote Sjaoel on what he said, “St. Maarten must deport all illegal immigrants back to their country.”

My point is, nothing against foreigners, it is wonderful to see our St. Maarten people of heritage speaking and defending what they believe in. Love is not saying it, it is doing it. St. Maarten needs more brave people of character who do not care about negative things being said about them. Cowards, like many people on the internet that say nasty things about people using a false name, are irrelevant in our mind.
Look at your children ask yourself will they be able to get a scholarship in the next four or eight years? Will I be able to buy a car or build or home? What is the government doing to promote ownership among native St. Maarten people and all other St. Maarteners? How can I survive in St. Maarten as a native person from St. Maarten heritage when the economic and tax system is unfair to me? Should I sit quietly and allow my native people to become extinct? How can I trust a government that refuses or declines to recognize its native people?
And for the legal foreigners that work so hard, will you trust a government that neglects its own? But however you look at it, the point is St. Maarteners should stop being timid for the fear of being victimized which you are already. Learn to put your head on your shoulders and be the real patriots of St. Maarten. If you love your country go out and fight for it. Do not be fooled, the government can and will not change. It must come from you.

I quote my friend Minister Frankie Meyers “It’s all about you.” The buck stops with you the St. Maarten people. God does not help people who refuse to help themselves. If you agree that St. Maarten is going the wrong direction but you continue not to get involved in the process by being silent then you approve of the situation and you will have to answer to your children and grand children. That will be on your conscience until you die. It is not about Miguel Arrindelll, or Leopold James or Jeffery Richardson or Sjaoel Richardson (Shooz) or Emilio Kalmera. If you believe in democracy then live like you believe in democracy.
Evil continues to triumph when good men look the other way and do nothing. There is no place for passivism in St. Maarten. Cowardice does not make great people. Only determination and will makes great people. It’s about you and your family.

Yours truly
The Patriot Miguel Arrindell

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