Reader’s Letter: A clear and present danger

POSTED: 07/15/11 1:02 PM

Dear Editor,

Life in St. Maarten is not what you think it is. Many people or probably most of the people in St. Maarten live in fear of our government. You might ask why you I so. If you do a survey or poll and ask the electorate of St. Maarten “Will you go on public radio or TV or newspaper and criticize the government in the manner they are handling the people’s business?” the vast majority will say no. This is the reality that the public in St. Maarten is not and does not feel emancipated.

Emancipation is a term used to describe various efforts to obtain political rights or equality, often for a specifically disenfranchised group (not only native St. Maarteners but also legal immigrants), or more generally in discussion of such matters. Emancipation also means the act or process of setting somebody free or of freeing somebody from restrictions.
“Political emancipation” as a phrase is less common in modern usage, especially outside academic, foreign or activist contexts. However, similar concepts may be referred to by other terms. For instance, in the United States the civil rights movement culminating in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 can be seen as further realization of events such as the Emancipation Proclamation and abolition of slavery a century earlier.

Another group of people that are hypocrites in St. Maarten are those that fight for independence in St. Maarten but never stand and defend the native people of St. Maarten heritage. St. Maarten can never be independent without the recognition of the native people. Lots of people living in St. Maarten are afraid to voice their opinion of all political parties for the fear of victimization. This represents a clear and present danger in St. Maarten. People sell their votes and then they are made to live in fear of we can either take your job or your land and who knows maybe your life. Is that the kind of democracy or freedom we celebrate on emancipation day?

The people of St. Maarten must stop living a lie and stop fooling their selves. St. Maarten is anything but emancipated. The only people who are truly emancipated are the illegal immigrants who broke the law and get rewarded with compulsory education and study financing. I challenge anybody. If we can replace the entire government with an independent governing body and ask people what they think about our ministers and legislators you will hear a mountain of not only criticism but hard and personal feeling in people’s heart. This proves people in St. Maarten are living in fear of government even though they continue to vote for them.

The people in St. Maarten really need to be emancipated from fear of government and must learn freedom does not come free; it must be fought for. This is why the native people of St. Maarten heritage should be recognize with special privileges. What this does is create a clear act of emancipation that no politician can use or abuse the native St. Maarteners economically and there for enhance economic opportunities without no fear of political victimization be it physically or economically or mentally.

The question the people of St. Maarten should ask their government is how you can have a country without the identity of its native people. It is time to emancipate all people living in St. Maarten and that is why we must continue to voice our opinion, because freedom never comes free. Thanks to the entire media of St. Maarten that is helping us emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. This is helping us to eliminate the clear and present dangers that exist in St. Maarten.

Yours truly

The Patriot Miguel Arrindell

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