Reader’s Letter: A challenge to the anti-St. Maarten legislators

POSTED: 05/16/11 12:13 PM

Dear Editor,

It has become a norm that many legislators are expressing and are of the opinion that being born in St. Maarten as a Dutch citizen does not qualify you for a job in St. Maarten. Those legislators say the most important thing is experience. Let me be very honest here, I am taking notes and I have four legislators with this anti St. Maarten attitude. And I will expose and call all of their names at a later point. But first I will challenge any of them in an open debate about what patriotism and love of country entails and how to really build a country.
I can’t wait to see our legislators pass a law describing that original St. Maarten people should not be recognized and that children born here of illegal immigrants have just as much rights as other Dutch citizens. My question to those legislators is who are they representing? Are they representing foreigners first over Dutch citizens born in St. Maarten, because they made it crystal clear born here Dutch citizens does not mean you are entitled to a job. By their own decree I will lobby to bring four Dutch people from Holland who I know is more qualified and have more experience than those four anti-St. Maarten legislators and replace them in parliament. I hope they go ahead and vote their self out of parliament.
The St. Maarten electorate must wake up and punish all MPs/legislators, no matter what political party, that are pursuing the goal of Dutch citizens born in St Maarten does not entitle them to a job if they are qualified. All these legislators are wicked and deceitful people with dangerous ulterior motives.
Tell me if you have ever heard of legislators in Anguilla, St. Kitts , Nevis , Dominica, Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Cuba, passing legislation putting their people of heritage and ancestral back ground to third or fourth class citizens. The answer is no. Only in St. Maarten we have our unpatriotic legislators championing foreigners as equal citizens to our original St. Maarten people and Dutch citizens born here. I will continue to keep the dagger on these deceitful MPs/legislators until they are out of office.
What we want in government are people who will recognize original St. Maarten people first along with Dutch citizens born in St. Maarten and promote nationalistic pride. In every country in legal terms by any land registry an individual will have to prove who his mother and father is before he can claim inheritance to land. That’s why original St. Maarten people must be recognized or else we would not have a country and the true culture of the real St. Maarten.
These are the same legislators who do not have the back bone to defend laws in St. Maarten’s interest, but is always willing to put down St. Maarten people. The Parliament in St. Maarten will make history in the world when they determine that original St. Maarten people never exist and that children of illegal immigrants are real St. Maarteners. This will be the first ever parliament of a country to deny their own and go down as professional jackasses for terminating their real St. Maarten people. What a contradiction. First, original St. Maarten people never exist and last become original people.
In closing what is in the darkness must come out in the light. We need legislators that are patriotic and that have nationalistic pride that is always willing to fight for St. Maarten people first. Anything short of that is betrayal. My challenge is real and is open. Let me see if those legislators are willing to step in the debating octagon with me. I will fight for the original St. Maarten people including all born here Dutch citizens. All other Dutch citizens you all could continue fighting for the foreigners.

Yours truly,
Miguel Arrindel

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Reader's Letter: A challenge to the anti-St. Maarten legislators by

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