Reader’s Letter: A blessing in disguise

POSTED: 10/3/11 8:21 PM

Dear Editor,

I am just back from vacation and updating myself with the current events. I notice that the Ministry of Finance has hired Ravi Daryanani. And I look on the blogs and see positive and negative comments. Some people are making comments about his ethnic background and heritage, and some are making political comments.

This is how I see it. Congratulations to the young man on his achievements. I have told all native St. Maarten people and born here to promote the St. Maarten Nation Building Foundation, and yet many still neglect to promote this organization. The SNBF was also criticized for granting Mr. Rawtani a St. Maarten I.D. card. This gentleman supports us in so many ways, while many of our own native St. Maarten people criticize us and never supported us. But we still love them and forgive them.

This situation of Mr. Daryanani is a blessing in disguise because I hope now the native St. Maarten people and born here and naturalize people start supporting our cause of nationalistic pride and stop putting political party before country. Many of you who are against his appointment are the same people who voted for the people who granted him the position, and if he is qualified, Dutch citizens of St. Maarten do not blame him. It is all right.

The first thing I notice is people start the colour issue, I Miguel Arrindell, do not believe in that nonsense of colour. However I do promote native people of St. Maarten Heritage in all aspects – first if they qualify for a job. Native St. Maarten people are mostly black but they are also those who are white and of different colour so for me colour is not important. I promote people of St. Maarten Heritage.

It is true that he has been taught to defend and protect his heritage first and I cannot blame him for that if he does so. It is up to us St. Maarten people to start promoting our St. Maarten culture and heritage and make sure that our manner of doing things dominates St. Maarten’s atmosphere. The native St. Maarten people who are black should wake up, teach their children to be responsible and make sure they learn their lesson. Then you all would not have to be complaining about colour and heritage. I now challenge you to join and promote people of St. Maarten heritage’s cause to make sure our people will always be represented properly and stop complaining when it is us who are allowing St. Maarten to get into this situation. Do not blame this gentleman and his heritage for capitalizing on our failure to promote our people of St. Maarten heritage.

On October 10, 2010 we invited people of St. Maarten to come out to our event at the historic monument at the border. Besides a couple of other people of St. Maarten heritage, our friends and now St. Maarteners, Damador Rawtani and Kishor Mirchandani was there with us supporting our cause.

It is in our conscience and it is justified and fair to grant these people a St. Maarten i.d card. They deserve it. We keep implying that if native St. Maarten people and born here do not start to take charge of their country then others who have come here legally, regardless of what heritage they came from will rule. This is our wakeup call and a blessing in disguise.

It is up to the people of St. Maarten Heritage and the born here to take it seriously. Small minded people are jealous of others while positive people learn from others. We can join hands as people of St. Maarten heritage and succeed together or you can go it alone and fail alone. The choice is yours.

We conclude this is a blessing in disguise. It is either you do or you die. God bless all people in St. Maarten.

Miguel Arrindell

The Patriot


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