Reader’s Letter 2: The lunatics already have guns!

POSTED: 02/28/11 12:22 PM

Dear Editor,

The recent statement made by the prosecutor’s office about the Duncan’s gun law is misleading, misguiding, and does not hold water. Here is why. An illegal black market fire arm is one of the easiest to get on St. Maarten. Just ask any sixteen year old thug to get you one. The argument, the prosecutor and his office is trying to make has always been the opinion of the bleeding heart socialist left wingers for eons. “More guns will inevitably lead to more crime and violence”. Fact is: The situation that has developed in the United States disproves this myth.

In 1987, Florida introduced legislation that allows people to carry concealed handguns in public for protection, provided they meet conditions such as no convictions for violent crimes and no history of illegal drug dependency. This legislation is known as ‘concealed carry’ and is now law in 40 US states. Concealed carry works by acting as a deterrent because the bad guys know that some people are armed, but they have no idea who those people are. As the number of US states that allow concealed carry has increased and the number of permit holders has continued to grow, the US violent crime rate has steadily declined. There are now more than 85 million permit holders throughout the United States, and more guns have actually meant LESS crime in the United States. The rate at which crime has dropped over the past twenty years is staggering. For example, rapes in the United States declined by 32 percent between 1992 and 2009, robberies declined by 51 percent between 1991 and 2009 and the burglary rate dropped by 42 percent during the same period. Overall, violent crime dropped by more than 40 percent between 1991 and 2009 and this has occurred despite (or maybe because of) rising gun sales and the relaxation of gun laws throughout the country. The most interesting fact is that the US murder rate has declined by a rate of 48 percent since 1991 and is now the lowest it’s been for more than 25 years. This is clear proof that allowing people to be armed does not increase crime rates, it actually contribute to a reduction in violent crime.
If concealed carry works in the United States, I see no reason why it wouldn’t work here or anywhere and the only thing the police would have to worry about are the guns in the hands of the criminals, which is the case NOW. If the gun control laws on the books now are so good why is the assault, arm robbery and the murder rate in St. Maarten one of the highest per capita in the world? Please Mr. Prosecutor, do not insult the intelligence of the law-abiding citizens and residents of St. Maarten and call us lunatics.

The truth is there is actually no need for laws governing the possession and carrying of knives, guns and other weapons. We already have laws that make it illegal to commit murder, armed robbery, wounding and threatening behaviour to other persons. All that is needed is proper enforcement of these laws that will put criminals where they belong – in prison – and keep them there, and not let them out to terrorise the community again.

The Chinese grocer that was killed during the arm robbery in Dutch Quarter, the Dutch technical assistant who was killed some time ago in Cay Hill, the French man who was tied up in pelican and his wife raped while he was forced to watch and several other victims too numerous to mention don’t appreciate you calling them lunatics because they did not have a weapon to defend themselves.
Please Mr. Prosecutor, do your job, solve all the unsolved murders, lock up the criminals, and let the parliament do their job. We, the law-abiding citizens of St. Maarten, support Duncan’s gun law. Why does it seem to me that the prosecutor is on the criminals’ side?

Peter Gunn

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