Razor blade attack on rival nets woman community service

POSTED: 10/13/11 12:28 PM

St. Maarten – Stephanie Anais Phillips was on the receiving end of a beating by two sisters and their mother in August 2009, but on September 11 of this year, the 26-year-old did some damage of her own when she confronted a woman whom she suspected of hanging out with her boyfriend.
Together with a couple of girlfriends, Phillips went to Belvedere where she got the woman onto the backseat of her car. Sandwiched between the defendant and one of her girlfriends, the woman was attacked with a razor blade. She sustained cut wounds in her face, her neck and her back. One of the cuts will leave a permanent scar.
In court, the defendant claimed that she had been nervous and that she had not had the intention to cut the other woman.
“It seems to me that you wanted to teach her a lesson,” Judge mr. M. Keppels remarked. “You kept her in the car and you attacked her. She had quite some cut wounds.”
Phillips said that she had felt “terribly” afterwards.
Prosecutor mr. M. Ridderbeks doubted that the defendant went to look up her rival without a plan, given the fact that she had carried the razor blade in her hand. “You say that you did not plan to do this. But you only said to the victim in the car, So you are Stephanie, and then you attacked her. The only thing you did after you heard she was seeing your boyfriend was to get some girlfriends together and to look for a confrontation.”
mr. Ridderbeks also noted that the defendant had not taken any initiative to show her regret. “You did not go to her with a large bunch of flowers to apologize and to ask it you could talk about it,” she noted.
The prosecutor charged that the defendant had ill-treated her rival with pre-meditation. She demanded a 6-month suspended prison sentence with 2 years of probation and 240 hours of community service.
Attorney mr. G. Hatzmann doubted that there was pre-meditation. “She wanted to scare the victim,” he said. “I can imagine her frustration. She flipped and became violent.”
Hatzmann saw it as a case of simple ill-treatment. He asked the court to mitigate the sentence, but Judge mr. M. Keppels did not go along. “This went seriously out of control. Also have my doubt about pre-meditation, but it does not make any difference for the sentence.”

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