Raw sewage plagues Asha Stevens campus

POSTED: 09/17/12 1:38 PM

CAY HILL—It is obvious that the sewage pit for the newly built Asha Stevens Campus in Cay Hill is inadequate for the 400 students who attend this school. The sewage tank, situated near the SBO School under construction, has been overflowing on the grounds of the school.
The contractor of the SBO School, Carl Critchlow, said that his workers have to work in these unhealthy conditions and the decision was made to construct a concrete wall to prevent the raw sewage from entering the SBO grounds. School Principal Clara Curiel said that she was unaware of the present situation since she was on sick leave and referred to director Asha Stevens.
Stevens said that that she was unaware of the situation and noted that the sewage tank was designed by the architect. “I have no idea that there was a problem with the sewage.” The contractor who built the tank has to work with the plans the architect had given him.
The development of the entire project is being monitored by the public works department (VROMI). It is the responsibility of the Head of New Works Kurt Ruan to ensure that the work is carried out correctly. Ruan said he was not aware that there was a problem and promised to look into it at the earliest opportunity.
The sewage tank was placed at its location because it is expected to finally be hooked up to the main sewage line which will lead to the sewage station under construction at the Illidge Road.

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