Rashika Ramchandani wins Spelling Bee competition

POSTED: 11/5/12 12:58 PM

St. Maarten — The students of the Methodist Agogic Center dominated the finals of the Spelling Bee Competition at the American University Campus on Saturday morning. The winner was Rashika Ramchandani of the Methodist Agogic Center, Browler Millard Campus, with 90 points. Disha Sharma of the same school finished second with 75 points. Shandon Fleming of Learning Unlimited Preparatory School took the third place with 70 points, ahead of Mark Mc Almont of the Methodist Agogic Center (Rev. Gumbs Campus) with 55 points and Michael Leslie of the Christian Hillside School with 45 points.
The students received a compact disk with 130 words had to study in preparation for the competition. The parents and teachers said that most of the English words were not frequently used; the students had about three weeks to study them.
The Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs commended the Rotary Club for its efforts with the Spelling Bee competition and noted that it has shown significant growth since last year. She explained that when one is organizing competition between schools “it is very ticklish” and even though there were some discrepancies it went well and all the students were given a fair chance at winning.
Jacobs said that the words that the students were given to study were quite difficult. She commended the students, parents and teachers for preparing the students for this competition which she saw as a “good cooperative effort.”
Every day for the past three weeks the students have been studying, going over the words and ensuring that they were comfortable with them, said school manager Rose Hughes-Coram of the Browler F. Millard Campus of the Methodist Agogic Center. “Every week there were a different set of words at a different level,” she said. The first week was two hundred words the next week was a different set of words which was about three hundred and the final week it was very difficult with lots more words.
She noted that during the entire exercise, the children worked very hard; they had to do the studying along with their regular classes. “Their hard work paid off since they were able to receive the top prizes in the competition.”
However, that was not the end of the competition. The teachers who had the opportunity to train the students were also quizzed on issues of St. Maarten and all who answered correctly, received prizes which were donated by local businesses. Volunteers received tokens of appreciation.

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