Rain Forest project might move to French St. Martin

POSTED: 01/14/13 1:06 PM

St. Maarten – The Rain Forest adventure park that was on scheduled to be developed at the Emilio Wilson Estate in Cul de Sac, might now be realized on the French side of the island. The story surfaces this weekend, but John Dalton, the project’s chief engineer, declined to comment to this newspaper yesterday, though he did not outright deny it either.

The deal Rain Forest had reached an agreement with the UP-government and with the estate’s owners (Henri Brookson and the Paas-family) about establishing the park. The company had already obtained a building permit for the project and archeologist Jay Haviser was in the process of conducting research at the estate on locations where Rain Forest intended to build pylons for a zip line when the government fell in April. The National Alliance led government threw a spanner in the works by offering Brookson and the Paas-family $17million to buy the largest part of the estate. The actual purchase has not been concluded yet – because this depends on available financing – and Rain Forest saw an attempt to get its rights in court fail. Rather than wait for new developments, the company now has apparently decided to take its initiative to the French side of the island. The project will reportedly be realized close to Belvedere, just across the border in Belle Plaine or close to French Quarter.

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